Hard at Works or Hardly Working…

..it’s hard to tell cuz some cats make it look so easy, this job of mousing and ratting that Humans tend to ignore until the day they are up to their dorky-looking ankles in mouse poop.  But here, in honors of teh Day of Labors, proof that kittehs is working hard, all night long.

National Geographic employs a crack team of Crittercam Kittehs who take to the streets of DC to show us how its done.  Fair warning: if you are teh kind of humans who sez ‘ewwwwww….’ a lot, you may find yourself saying ‘ewwwwwww’ yet again at the 1 minute 36 second mark.  Then again at 1:47.  And  2:10 isn’t so nice either.  So, cover your delicate bulgy human eyes, if you must, but remembers what you would be saying if our hardworking Rat Patrol just ignored the vermins, so they could climb through your pipes and eat all  yours stuffs and take teh baths in your toilet…?  Hmmmm?  ‘Ewwwwww’ indeed.

Just be glad there is no sound.

Hard-working Ninjas of the Night, we salute you!

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