Cats of the B-Day Invasion

Much as I loves to read about Famous Cats of History, it is important to remember the eva-day kittehs who selflessly serve their human friends.

Such as Tuffy and his boy-wonder assistant, Fluffy who, in 1953, saved a birthday party from a surprise attack of balloon animals.

Here we see the traumatized victim, Suzanne, age 3, thanking the dynamic duo and posing with a captured enemy combattant.

No one is sure why Suzanne’s party was targeted, but sources close to the Birthday Girl report that panic ensued when balloons were improperly inserted during a game of  Musical Chairs. Thinking fast, Tuffy chased several inflated invaders, scattering them across the lawn and at times hurling himself directly on balloons to protect party-goers.  Meanwhile, Fluffy, in a bid to protect a heavily fortified but un-manned party table, fished ice cubes from the punch bowl with his bare paws.

After order was restored and authorities dealt with Fluffy’s accidental ingestion of gift wrap ribbon, the Fighting Felines were rewarded with bowls of melted neopolitan ice cream.

Cats of Adventure – We Salute You!

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