Professor Rufus

Oh, hello.  It’s you again. You came just in time for some fun.  

See how the house is a mess?  Boxes everywhere.  Noises and commotions and running arounds. I love it.  I love boxes. I love commotion.  I love it when the doors bang open-shut, open-shut, and the Humans run back and forth with their arms full of the stuffs they own.  It’s like we’re all playing some kind of speedy game of fetch.  

“Where is your soap? Where are the bed sheets? Did you pack an umbrella?”  Right now, Mrs. Whatsername and one of my human brothers, the one I call Big Whoozhe (cuz there are two and I can never remember their names), are playing a game of hot-potato with some house slippers.  She keeps saying “to keep your feet warm” and he keeps saying “my feet ARE warm.”  

These are strenuous games and have been going on all morning, which is why Mrs. Whatsername has to go to her room from time to time to lie down and cry.

I’m not so sure why she is so sad, cuz I have heard that Big Whoozhe  is going study with the esteemed Professor Rufus Bobcat.  Evabuddy knows Professor Rufus.  Here you can see one of his many important lectures.  

and here you can see the Big Whoozhe is already the number one student at Bobcat University!  I wish him well and hope he learns all kind of things like flying tackles and Buckeye smashing and other important life skills.

Go Cats!

2 thoughts on “Professor Rufus

  1. Hello there Sparky Spitefire, I think you should steel away in one of those boxes and go with them, a great adventure waits …besides the big guy, we know him as Mik ,may need some kitty kisses….he could get a little lonely….

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