a family resemblance

I’m wondering if my family has some cheetah in it.  I am certainly a speedy prancer.  Ask anyone.  Also, I has a spot. Only one, sure, so maybe only part cheetah, but still.

As the Lady in the video says, the cubs get into trouble and need help learning how to climb up and get back down. Since I do those things on a daily basis, and as I lives just down the streets from the zoo, I think I would make a good tutor.  

There is so much trouble that I could teach them to get into.  I think they would enjoy climbing my tree fort or getting into the engine block of the Saab that never leaves the drive way.  We could do a daily lesson on How to Drive the Dog Next Door Crazy.  I could teach them Survival Skills for use in the place that Lady keeps calling The Wilds.  Like, you know, how a storage box marked “Important Papers” or a large green plastic turtle filled with sand can become a perfectly fine litter box when you are lost in The Wilds.  Things like that.  I have so many talents, as you know, it would be a shame not to share them with the Youths of Today.  So I will have Mrs. Whatsername revise my resume and hopefully start showing these two how it’s done right. 

But, you know…isn’t there something else familiar about those two?  Two big kitties, playing…jumping…leaping…bite-bitey-bite-bite…leap, run, run…

Hmmmm.  Where is my sister?

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