I am The Arts

I am a summer arts project.  Here you see the pain and anguishy-ness of me and my Human Sister.  I call her Whozshe cuz I don’t have time to remember her real name. I love her lots and stuff, but I never asked to be picked up.  I never asked to be a model. Art can be quite tragical at times.  

But that was intentional, as Whozshe needed to do a painting in the style of Edvard Munch, who had a habit of painting some bummed out humans.  

Here is the original photo, the source of our suffering, in which Mrs. Whatsername made the two of us stand still and pose for a picture. She is always doing that.  

So you can see, right? Our agony? Our pain? How we both wants to Screams.  

I have to say, she did a good job on capturing my inner rage.  Life is sometimes hard and Art is our only outlet for our emotions  That and shredding the couch.  Which should also be in a mewseum, but that’s for another day.  

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