Get it off! Get! It! Off!!!

This is my hissy fit. Today’s hissy fit is on account of It. Won’t. Come. Off.

bitebitebitebite gag bitebitebite.

This was totally unfair.  My cover is blown now, you realize that don’t you?  My Secret Identity! C’mon! What Super Hero wears her secret identity around her neck?  Does “Top Secret” mean nothing to you People?!

Watch this: I could run in circles all day and it’s still there!

bitebitebitebitebite. Who’s idea was this?

Look.  Suzie doesn’t even care. No one cares. Traitors. DO YOU ALL WANT ME TO CHOKE?!?!?!

Never mind. Forget you guys. I’m going to sleep.  Maybe when I wake up it’ll be gone.

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