The Few. The Proud. The Felines.


another kitty on front lines

Here is a little history quiz for you –

Kitties like to:

a. take naps

b. get belly rubs

c. sign up for duty on the front lines of battle.

d. all of teh ‘boves.

You’re surprised, aren’t you, Human, that “D” is correct.  But of course it is.  Brave and hungry kitties have been the the front lines ever since the very first mess tent attracted the very first rats.  Cats have served in war time as nurses to the wounded, couriers, and defenders of food supplies.  Cats have earned medals and been taken prisoner of war. More on him later, but if you stick around, you can learn about Chou, Simon, Sinbad and many other action cats throughout the ages.

p.s. – This picture comes from the Very Intrepid Human at Purr-n-Fur UK, a website devoted to Kitty Heros, just like me.

I’m not there yet, but just wait.

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